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February 23, 2014


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Tristan Kromer (@TriKro)

Scott Sambucci has done a bit of work on this.

I think sales and customer development go hand in hand. If you look at most sales methodologies like SPIN, they line up nicely with customer discovery to understand the customer needs followed by customer validation where you propose a solution. Considering Steve Blank's background in sales and marketing, this is hardly surprising.

Mark Littlewood

Congratulations on starting this blog Jeff. Let me know if you want to put a guest blog/column onto BoS too.

I find the Era 2 sales people are really creepy on the whole largely because the 'Jedi mind tricks' actually require a higher degree of emotional intelligence and product knowledge as well as an interest and competence in what the company you are talking to is involved in and most sales people are not up to the mark. I have had to leave meetings where people would insist on taking the approach as they had been trained in it but were really just repeating crap questions.

Steve Smith

Its Not about 1950's its about 21st century. Most sales people are not up to the mark due to the lack use of technology. Here is an app for sales professionals created by sales professionals, and is a refreshing alternative to corporate owned CRM.

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