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March 10, 2014


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The idea of focusing on the skills necessary to perform certain tasks is interesting. It can be difficult sometimes, however, to ascertain someone's level of proficiency in certain skills. With software development sometimes tests are given during interviews to determine a candidates's proficiency in a certain skill. Interview questions are also designed for the same purpose. I'm curious to what skills you believe are crucial to being a successful salesman and how you would go about measuring the level of proficiency in those skills?

As a developer I find sales a fascinating field. It seems so mysterious and nebulous but I believe that is due to my limited exposure to the profession. I plan to read Harry Browne's "The Secret to Selling Anything" as a introduction to the skills needed for sales. I've seen this book recommended numerous times. By the way, I always chuckle at engineers who seem to frequently have disdain for sales people. They seem to cling to the belief that if it's a great product it will sell itself. Engineers forget that many people aren't busily researching products to buy. They usually only consider a product after first hearing about the new product or service and many times it's the salesman that performs the introduction!

Anyways, look forward to your future insights into this interesting area of business.

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